You might know us as ZachEvans Creative LLC...and it's still us! We rebranded a little to give everyone who pops in for a visit a clearer picture of what we do.

At SHP, our aim is to give those who already have a voice the chance to use it in the book industry, expanding the market for unique and diverse genre fiction. It’s simple: “Representation matters,” and not only in film. 


And we're looking for brand new writers.

Look, I know you've read and reread your manuscript, changing fonts and dialogue tags, trying to find the right "voice." I can relate to that feeling of "impostor syndrome" even if others give you positive critiques of your work. I still experience it with every single release.

It's human.

But it's also why I created SHP. I would like to help new, talented writers grow and gain visibility in an environment where you feel supported. Actually supported and not just because we'd like to hashtag how #wonderful we are later. It's because...the world is freakin' hard enough. Writing is hard enough and, once you get a book out, reviewers will either love you or can't wait to chew you out.

At least, here, you have some refuge.

In the process of publishing, we provide coaching, support, descriptive feedback, and guidance. All you have to do is bring an open mind, a positive demeanor, a little bit of vulnerability, and to keep hold of your passion for the written word.

- K. Alex Walker