At SHP, our aim is to give those who already have a voice the chance to use it in the book industry, expanding the market for unique and diverse genre fiction. It’s simple: “Representation matters,” and not only in film. We work with both established authors, those previously self-published, and we love working with new authors.


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Here’s the thing. We know you've read and reread your manuscript, changing fonts and dialogue tags, trying to find the right "voice." We can relate to that feeling of "impostor syndrome" even if others give you positive critiques of your work. 

SHP was created by an author

You're welcome here. 


In the process of publishing, we provide coaching, support, descriptive feedback, and guidance. All you have to do is bring an open mind, a positive demeanor, a little bit of vulnerability, and to keep hold of your passion for the written word.

“A lot of cheap seats in the arena are filled with people who never venture onto the floor. They just hurl mean-spirited criticisms and put-downs from a safe distance. The problem is, when we stop caring what people think and stop feeling hurt by cruelty, we lose our ability to connect. But when we’re defined by what people think, we lose the courage to be vulnerable. Therefore, we need to be selective about the feedback we let into our lives. For me, if you’re not in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.” 

- Brené Brown




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